Executive Summary

Mission Statement

The Umbrella Stabilizer endeavours to supply the global market with a safe and easy way to protect and secure an umbrella in a multitude of different setting and in various weather conditions.


During regular activities umbrellas can become unstable in various changing weather conditions. This can create a situation where the umbrella can become damaged or result in injury to anyone nearby. The Umbrella Stabilizer will help provide the stability needed to hold umbrellas in place.

Product Description

On the beach, at a park, on a balcony or in a backyard the Umbrella Stabilizer provides needed security and stability.

Umbrella Stabilizer  provides a simple and effective design to protect workers from injury. Thereby withstanding destruction from wind, rain or storms.

While in use, the Umbrella Stabilizer  provides support and protection to any poll mounted umbrella. It quickly and easily mounts to any size poll with a convenient snap on clamp.  It’s easily adjustable to fit various sizes and easy to install.

It can be secured to stand mounts and table mounting systems. It has a telescopic adjustment that can be extended or retracted to fit various lengths and provide optimized stability.

It also comes with a version with a piercing spike to provide stability in sand or earth.

Intellectual Property Protection

The Umbrella Stabilizer  is the subject of Patent Pending in the United States & Canada. Other territories are being considered on an as-needed basis.